Top Ten Things We Love About Kuala Lumpur!

We’ve been here for two weeks and there are many many things we love about this city already – this list again, is in no particular order.

  1. Markets, markets, markets, we love the markets! the sounds, smells, and so much to see!
  2. Petronas Towers are gorgeous, especially at night and the surrounding playground and splash park are awesome
  3. Light show on the KL Tower – right outside our living room window
  4. Jalan Alor and street food
  5. Cute Fish Spa at the Central Market
  6. Petronas Discovery Center
  7. Being able to walk around after dark – I love the city at night!
  8. Eating fresh mango every day
  9. The people – many that we have interacted with are so lovely and helpful!
  10. Our two new baby turtles – even though they can’t come home with us, they are adorable.  We love you Teeny and Weeny 🙂

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