Things we take for granted

We are learning a lot about one thing we have very much taken for granted – and that is, water.  The building that we’re in, and actually the area that we are in (Coronado) is having trouble with water supply. The last rainy season didn’t produce as much rain as required and they are forecasting the same for this next upcoming season.  The impact to us has been very interesting and we learn how to use water in a different way.

When this all first started, we actually went without water for almost 48 hours. Zero water and zero notice that this was about to happen. In this heat, it’s important to stay hydrated – so drinking water was a priority.  Washing dishes and showering took a very low priority and well other bathroom needs took me back to the days when my sister lived on an acreage outside Edmonton and we used well water.  I’ll never forget the rule – you only flush with #2.  That rule applied to us here too – except that we had no extra water.  Rory and Rohan trekked down to the ocean to grab a buckets full of ocean water, in case we needed to flush for a #2.   This was all happening while we also had three little kittens to clean and feed – their formula also required water.

The building board brought in 4 tankers of water (30 meters cubed) to try to help the situation. It did – temporarily.  The building inhabitants went through the water much, much faster than the board thought.  So a notice went to all the condo owners to pay $150 each to help supplement the water situation. If the funds were paid, then water would be restored to the condo.  Thankfully the owner of this condo did pay and we were able to access water again, on a fixed schedule.  Some people didn’t pay or their condo owners didn’t pay and their water remained turned off.  Eeek.

We have water from 6-7am, 11am-1pm and again from 6-8pm every day, give or take.  We capture our shower water in a bucket to use for toilet flushing if required. We take short showers – turning off the water when we’re soaping and lathering and turn on again to rinse off.  We wash dishes once a day.  We re-wear our clothes a few times.  It’s really not that big of a deal when you can plan and prepare… you may just not want to sit beside us when we’re on day three of an outfit 🙂

And, it has really made us realize how lucky we are at home and brings to mind this and many other things we take for granted in our daily lives – and really, how easily we can do without, or make changes that allow us to get along just fine.

Our adventure brings all sorts of new things for us to learn and navigate and for that, we’re thankful.



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