The Top Ten Things We Love About Spain!

Once again, this list is in no particular order.  We arrived here November 1st – after an amazing stay in Scotland – where the weather was really in our favor – although getting a bit crisp.  So to arrive here in Nerja, and be able to put our shorts on and flip flops on, is, well, lovely.   Rory and I haven’t been to Nerja in over 15 years.  It’s one of the first places we came when we visited Spain way back when – we stayed in Competa with Mum and Dad’s friends (Monika and Michael) and fell in love with Competa and with Nerja.  Nerja has changed quite a bit since we were last here – bigger for sure – and yet still small enough to walk, pursue, enjoy – which we do, ever day.

  1. The ocean – the water is so clear although a bit crisp…. not complaining – we are swimming in the ocean in November …
  2. Fanta (limon and naranja)
  3. Paella – especially when we get to eat it on the beach
  4. Workout stations!
  5. Olives. Olives. And more olives
  6. Great wine + so cheap!!!
  7. Seafood – calamari, fish, muscles, and more
  8. The amazing gelato (Nutella and Ferrero are amazing!)
  9. Nocilla (like Nutella)
  10. Feeding the stray cats ~ #Rohan the Animal Whisperer
  11. All the fresh pastries, baguette’s, chocolate croissants, pizza bread, pretzel rolls …. slap some mantequilla (butter) on that and O.M.G.
  12. Cafe con leche  (coffee with milk)
  13. Tapas
  14. Chorizo
  15. Outdoor eating all year round

Most importantly, the people here are so lovely, so amazing. Spain, you are a forever love for us. As much as we love traveling and seeing other countries and new places, we keep coming back to you.



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