The Awesome Neighborhood of Stockbridge in Edinburgh, Scotland


I loved the look of this place – The Raeburn – and because I was watching a Netflix series called Bloodline and the family is the Raeburn family 🙂

This is an awesome neighborhood. I think if we were to live in Edinburgh, I’d have to live here.

It’s full of charm- and quaint little shops, great cafe’s, awesome charity shops and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a fine autumn day – crisp and cool, but refreshing.

The first charity shop we went into was so full of great stuff, it was heart-breaking! knowing that we just didn’t have the weight-room to carry much of anything home.  However, Rohan had been looking for some kind of skateboard that he could take the wheels off and try to “board” down hills on the grass.  Well, low and behold that first charity shop had something perfect.  A red hard plastic, “skateboard” without wheels. It was more like a snowboard actually with a rubber foot strap.  And it was 3 GBP.  Perfect!


We stopped for a snack and coffee in a fantastic little cafe, Artisan img_9672 Roast.  The banana bread was to-die-for.  And I don’t say that easily 🙂

Cheese mongers, bakeries, lots of people out and about – it was the perfect strolling neighborhood.  We loved it.

There was, what we thought was a second hand shop – which it was – but not really.   It was a shop by Miss Bizio. (check it out here at Miss Bizio Couture).   It was her personal collection of clothing and accessories, plus a few pieces from her husband. OMG. It was like walking into the most amazing walk-in closet a girl could hope for.  Any event, any location, any thing – and the perfect outfit was there.  She had cared for everything so well, it was all in mint condition.  So fun to look through all the items.

We ended our stroll at the park nearby, where we found swans and lots of ducks.  Thankfully we had a good supply of bird food with us and we shared the food with a sweet little boy who was there with his mom.  So cute.  Rohan spent a good while testing out his “grassboard” and trying to slide down the hill.


Gorgeous view – the Edinburgh Castle in the far distance on the left










All in all a great afternoon.  Stockbridge, we’ll be back!

Lots more photos of Stockbridge are here.




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