Taman Connaught Night Market, KL

I think this might be my favorite market in all of KL.

It’s only on Wednesday nights.  We arrived a bit early – about 30 minutes before the market officially opened.  So glad we did – as it gave us some time to wander up and down before the hundreds and hundreds of other people arrived.  IMG_2986

We ate our way through this market.  We tried so many delish foods, many of which we had no idea what they were.

The sounds, smells and sights are enough to overstimulate your senses.  There’s just so much to take in.  And, by the time it was 7:30ish – this market was packed.  You had to squeeze your way from stall to stall.

Along with the food, you could buy everything from fake eyelashes and contact lenses that made your eyes look like “baby dolls,” to underwear and bra’s, to technology and gadgets, to shoes.






We tried popiah at this market for the first time.  We’ve had it other places, but this first time was still the best.  We will do our best to recreate these at home (video link).

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 8.00.40 PM








The other odd, but delish thing that we tried was ice cream, in a rice wrap, with shavings from that big block of packed peanuts.  Here’s a link to the making of this odd-wrapped-up-ice-cream thing 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 8.02.33 PM










And of course, more pix here.

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