Surf and sun at El Palmar

Daddy and Rohan – their first visit to El Palmar

One of things that we have had to get used to, is not having a vehicle.  It’s odd coming from a two car family and being able to go where ever you want, whenever you want.  This means that we walk A LOT.  Walking during any daylight hours also means that we sweat A LOT and when we’re hot, sweating and pooped and / or the distance is just too far – we find a cab.  When we were in Panama City, the cab’s honk at you – all the time – hoping that you stick your hand up and wave – indicating that yes, you’d like to hop in.  It got really annoying while we were in the city; we walked or took the metro (train) everywhere that we needed or wanted to go and never really needed cabs.

Flash forward to Coronado and we do often need a cab, want a cab, desperately, and long for that blasted honking!

There’s an intersection just up the road that we walk to – and hang out, waiting in the blazing sun.  It has the highest possibility of finding a cab – we wave and hope a cab will stop and pick us up.  It’s yet another lesson in patience.  We don’t get anywhere quickly, there is truly another pace and rhythm to life here.

So, back to the point of the story … we wanted to go to El Palmar, a surfer’s beach that Rory and Rohan went to while I was back in Calgary.  Our lovely B&B owner took them out on a day trip and this was one of the stops.  Both said it was super fun and it would be great to be able to spend the day there and hang out.   We find a cab and hop in. He takes us to the main highway and tells us that it’s his first day driving in Coronado and he doesn’t know where El Palmar is – so we hop out and he apologizes and doesn’t charge us for the 3 minute ride (very nice).   We hop into another cab and yes, he knows where this beach is and will take us for $8.   A short 20 minute ride later, we arrive at this sign and Rory confirms we’re in the right spot.

Playa El Palmar

Except that the beach is bare.  There’s no one around, no music playing, it’s kinda dead.  Oh, and it’s stinking hot out – so we quickly find shade and decide what we’re going to do.  There are covered “thatch-roofed cabana’s” for rent for $30/day or you can rent a beach umbrella for $10 (see the white umbrella’s below).  We opted for the cabana… those of you that know my husband know that the umbrella just wouldn’t have been enough…

El PalmarEl Palmar

So, right, we have a cabana, we have all our swim gear and Rohan and I are off to check out the beach and the waves.  Reminder, there’s no one in the water… we’re a little wary .. the waves are pretty big.   We walk out together – mother and son and stay around knee deep water and get used to the waves and the water.  Waves crashing onto our bodies and we’re laughing and laughing … and getting braver.  And deeper we go.

By the end of the day, I’m sure we drank half the ocean, for sure had sand in every possible crevice, crashed on the rocks and bled, were bruised and beaten and freaking exhausted.  I lost my goggles and a few times thought I was going to lose my bottoms … and it was completely worth it.   The beach soon filled up with families out for the day. The surfers came early afternoon when the waves were perfect – probably at least 20+ surfers at some points during the day.  Lots of people trying to body surf as we were and just having a blast playing the waves.

Fresh fried fish with plantain – DEEEElish!!

Oh and did I mention the fresh fried fish we scarfed down for dinner?  the restaurant on the beach served delish-fresh sea food and of course, ice cold cervesa 🙂

A fantastic day and we would head back to El Palmar in a heart beat!

Oh ya baby!

Oh ya baby!

Milli-seconds before the wave crashes

Milli-seconds before the wave crashes

Oh ya - come and get me!

Oh ya – come and get me!

Resting before the next round

Resting before the next round.

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