Suki-ya, Pavilion, KL

This restaurant is on Tokyo Street – on the top floor of the Pavilion Shopping Center.   It’s a street Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 7.50.22 PMjust for Japanese stores, kiosks, food vendors and restaurants.  We tend to be leaning towards all things Japanese lately – so that’s where we headed to find some dinner.

It’s an “all you can eat” place but not like Vegas “all you can eat.” …. this is so much better.

While we were in line, we chose two types of soup broth and the type of meat we would like.  On each table, is a burner with pot for two types of broth.  This is kept at boiling temperature and they come around regularly to top up the broth, as it decreases with the cooking and consumption.


There’s a buffet bar that has sushi, and then a whole bunch of vegetables and many unidentified things for you to put on your plate.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 7.58.07 PMYou start by filling up your plate with vegetables and other bits from the buffet bar.  Then you cook these in your soup broth.  Harder vegetables take longer, and some don’t take long at all.  Carrot, squash and pieces of corn on the cob took longer.   There’s also noodles at the buffet bar – an important part of our soup/broth/meal!  Meat is sliced very thin so it doesn’t take long at all to cook.




IMG_3667This is meant to be an experience, and it is.  As I looked around the restaurant at one point – it was completely full and from each table you could see steam rising from their own particular pot of soup.



And then to top it off, there’s self serve ice cream for dessert!!! Chocolate, matcha or mixed.  Cone or cup.  Plus toppings.

We loved this meal – it was fun, very different, incredibly tasty and we’d do it again in a heartbeat!






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