Putu Bambo – yuuuuummmmmm!











Putu Bambo is located at Central Market on the Kasturi Walk – this is probably one of my most favorite foods that we’ve tried here in KL.

It’s made from rice and tapioca flour, mixed with palm sugar inside of the cake. It’s put into small bamboo pieces and placed over a steamer.  Once they’re done, they’re rolled in coconut and best served fresh and hot. Not too sweet but full of amazing flavor.

We’ve been back twice and every time I think we’re going back to this area, the first thing I think of is going back to get more.  And not sharing them 🙂










A quick video of them being pushed out of the bamboo after steaming, and rolled in coconut.

Soooo yumm.

Side note: we have now been back here at least five times and plan to go once more before we head home.  We are SERIOUSLY going to miss these!!


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