Playa Ventanas, Costa Rica


One of the caves at low tide.

We love love love this beach, from our first visit to the many subsequent visits, we love this beach.

Firstly, Rory loves it because there is secured parking – we don’t have to worry about our vehicle or belongings. Him being at ease about that, also makes me feel better, that he’s not worried (side note, my iPhone got stolen out of our locked vehicle at a beach within our first few days here – crappy).  He also loves it because he can watch us from the shade of the palm trees that line this beach.

And there are so many more reasons why we love this beach.   We especially love going on the weekend, when the locals are also out with their families for a day at the beach, with picnic lunches and music, playing the water and having siesta’s in the shade.

The waves are awesome, whether at low tide or high tide.  We can spend, and have spent hours in the water, trying to ride the waves, jumping over the waves, diving under the ones that are huge and are about to crash down on us. The sand under the water is smooth and silky, no rocks to unexpectedly land on after a big jump.

There are two caves at this beach – and at high tide the ocean crashes through them, causing bursts and sprays of water on the beach side.  During low tide you can walk right into the caves, quite far in – you can see all the way through to the ocean side and watch the waves crashing on the outside-ocean side of the cave.

We love this beach also because there’s two shaved-ice vendors, both of which we’ve tried.  Shaved ice here is just that – shaved ice, topped with various flavors.  First there’s the ice, then flavored syrup (we have tried lime and coconut) and then condensed milk, then powdered milk, then more ice, more syrup and more condensed milk.  Then to top it off, you can get chocolate sauce to top it all off.


Rory and Rohan at Ventanas enjoying the shade and a shaved ice.

Great waves, sandy beach, sun, palm trees, caves, and shaved ice. Life is so good. Pura Vida as the Costa Rican’s say…

We have lots of pictures at this beach – feel free to browse the full album.



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