Petronas Towers, KL

There’s no doubt about it – these towers are impressive and gorgeous.

Many many many years ago when Rory and I stopped over in KL on our way to Thailand, they were the tallest buildings in the world.  We went up to the walkway between the two towers and it was pretty amazing.  And then seeing the movie Entrapment and knowing that we’d been on that very walkway, that was cool too.

We’ve seen the towers before Christmas, and now decorated for Chinese New Year.  During the day and at night – and it’s where we rang in the new year!

The park area around the towers is huge.   The playground goes on forever and ever.  Super fun.  The splash park is really pretty – and so clean.  The park setting is really pretty with the lake area with the sculptures, bridges, lots of grassy area, running paths (although I cannot imagine running in this heat)… and the playground was a perfect place to hang out with a new friend.

I especially love the towers at night.


Of course, there’s many more pictures …..

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