Pavilion Shopping Center, Bukit Bintang, KL

I honestly have never been in so many shopping malls – huge, never ending shopping malls.

It’s one of the things we have done while here, exploring these monstrous malls.  A) there’s air conditioning so we aren’t sweating every hour of every day and B) they put really cool things to see and do into their malls, besides just shopping!  Go figure.

This one is about a 15 minute walk from our condo, so we do come here regularly.   There’s a huge center court where they had over-the-top Christmas decor (and side note, the mall was open on Christmas Day- which was so weird, but we were happy because this is where we came for our Christmas dinner).

Now that Christmas is over, the center court is full of Chinese New Year decor – which is when the really big celebrations are.  Sucks, but we miss that by a few days.

We have eaten here many times (of course), found the Japanese “dollar” store (which is so awesome and they have very odd things), gone to movies, found the Lego store, another Japanese store called Muji that we love, cooked our own dinner, and although this isn’t right in the mall, it’s very close by – where we laughed our butts off as Rohan tried to get an ice cream 🙂

Ice cream adventures.

And of course, more pictures here.  Enjoy!

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