Sweetly doing nothing

The last two weeks have been a huge lesson for me in letting go.  Letting goBlackbird of being busy, letting go of feeling like I have things to do, letting go of the feeling of accomplishment and getting things done, letting go of the lists in my head, letting go of impatience, letting go of the feeling of guilt for not doing all of the above.  It’s been a long long long time since we had the gift of time.  Where our travels and adventures weren’t crammed into a short week or maybe two.  We’ve had one three week trip and one month long travel adventure to Thailand – and although they felt like so much time, we still crammed as much as we possibly could into each trip, not wanting to miss a thing.

This. Trip. Is. So. Different.

I have an inward struggle going on, for sure.  Times when I feel like “holy crap! we are only 10 days into this trip – I can sit here and do nothing! I can sit and watch the birds fly in the sky (they’re vultures, I’m a weirdly fascinated by them).  I can sit and seriously do nothing.  Nada.  I can lay in bed with my eyes closed and listen to Rory and Rohan breathe as they sleep beside me.”

And then they start.  The smack talking gremlins in my head telling me to get some laundry done, write a postcard, write an entry in the blog, go workout, get some groceries, read one of the many books I brought with me, do something.

Do something.

And then a phrase came to mind.  Wise words from a good friend.

Dulce no hacer nada.

Sweetly doing nothing.

We’ve been blessed with the gift of time.  Not just to see and explore the world – but to pause, actually full on stop. To Breath. Relax. Ponder. Daydream. Wonder. Get curious. Be still.  Feel.  Notice.

With that thought, I’m going to ponder what the heck we have been doing for the last two weeks and write a few lines about it.

And, I’ll take my sweet time doing it.



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