Our top 10 Costa Rica list

As Rohan and I sit on the terrace overlooking the jungle – watching it rain – we realized that we haven’t written our top 10 list of the many things we love about Costa Rica.  This isn’t in any particular order ….

  1. Monkeys (white faced that we’ve seen often and we hear the howler monkeys from our house)
  2. There’s hardly any jellyfish – we’ve only encountered them twice (yeah!)
  3. Hummingbirds – we have three that visit us many times a day and come so close we can almost touch them
  4. People that have come to visit
  5. Bananas are amazing (you were so right Rachel!)
  6. Much nicer people – the Tico’s are delightful
  7. Our new found love / curiosity / repulsion / fascination of bugs and critters
  8. The beaches are breathtaking – we love Ventanas and Ballena (the whale tail beach) and Tortuga for the Halloween crabs and the macaws
  9. The waterfalls are amazing and so refreshing to swim in
  10. Ziplining at Osa and the tarzan swing

Special mention for the ceviche – with shrimp (Rohan’s fav) or with fish – soooo yummy!!!  and another special mention from Rohan, his new second favorite fruit is passion fruit.  Oh, and the coffee, oh the coffee! And the wicked thunder and lightening storms that feel like they shake the house and the downpouring of rain that makes everything so lush and green here. And the birds – we love the toucans and the crocodiles at Rio Tarcoles and having our own swimming pool is pretty awesome too.  Then there’s the fresh mango, pineapple, strawberries, coconut that taste like they’re supposed to! so sweet and luscious and delicious!  So, apparently there’s many many more things that just 10 that we love about Costa Rica.  It’s really hard not to love this place.  🙂


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