Our home in Coronado, Panama

We arrived to Coronado on Feb 16th – after an interesting bus ride from Panama City. We hadn’t traveled by bus inside or outside of the city and had no idea what to expect. Thank goodness for other bloggers that write about the ins and outs – so some things that would have caught us completely off guard, we were somewhat prepared for.  The bus stops on the side of the highway and drops you off.  Well, here we are, it’s 1pm – the high heat of the day and we have three HUGE suitcases.  We needed a cab – not thinking of this – until we’re on the side of the road, at 1pm in the afternoon, sweating our asses off, that none of the cabs are big enough to hold all three of us, the driver AND our three huge suitcases.  Many cabs just kept on driving when they saw us.  One brave soul stopped and tied two of the cases into the truck (of course the trunk wouldn’t close) – the third one was in the front seat and the three of us squished into the back seat.  There’s no address for the B&B, just directions.  “It’s a yellow house on the left side of the road and if you go over the speedbump, you’ve gone too far.”  We don’t speak Spanish (yet) and our driver didn’t speak English – but we made it!

Rory booked a B&B for us to stay at, while we checked out the area and decided if this would be a place we would want to stay longer, or not.  Rory and Rohan stayed at the B&B while I traveled back to Calgary.   The owner was really great and they have a 8-ish year old daughter that spoke quite a bit of English, which was fun for Rohan.

We decided that we liked Coronado and wanted to stay longer, and that we really needed our own space – and our own kitchen (how I miss cooking!!) So, my amazing husband found this amazing condo, right on the beach! Rory and Rohan moved in on March 1st and I arrived here March 2nd. It’s been so great, listening to the crashing waves just below our balcony, 24-7.  This is a sound that takes me right back to my childhood, growing up in Victoria just a block off the ocean.  There’s something so magically soothing about the sound of the ocean, the waves, the smell of the ocean – for me it’s like coming home.  We really love it here.

There is a very large ex-pat community, many fellow Canadian’s, which is great. They’ve been so helpful with sharing their knowledge and experience.  Downside is they’re mostly retired with grown children – many with grandchildren – and there’s a been a shortage of kids for Rohan to hang with.  We met a new family just yesterday – and they will be here till the end of the month and they have a 12 year old son. Yeah!

Our days are very leisurely – sometimes meandering up to the main highway for shopping / groceries, as we did today.  It’s too hot and too far to walk in the heat of the day, so we cab it – it’s about $2-3/per trip.  We have done a couple of day trips – and plan to do a few more while we’re in the area (till the end of this month).  We spend a lot of time on the beach, there’s a huge bunch of rocks that we can climb all over when the tide is out.  We don’t find alot of sea life, other than small crabs, snails, small fish and of course, we have to watch for jellyfish even on the sand, as the waves sometimes wash them up onto shore. Stepping on one would be bad 🙁

The pelican’s dive bomb for fish in the morning – there’s usually anywhere from 5-12 of them flying just above the water.  We’ve also seen some smaller white crane’s but haven’t yet identified them.

The pool is a popular hangout for us as well – to cool off.   Rohan and I have started doing laps in the pool – and apparently I’ve been missing out on the aqua-size classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. It’s Monday tomorrow, will see if I make it to class.  There’s a well equipped gym here too – and we’ve all been making use of it.

Evenings cool down and the breeze off the ocean makes it quite lovely.  We sit on the balcony with a cervesa or two and listen to the waves.

Life. Is. Good. In. Coronado.



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