Mid Valley Mall, KL

Yup, I know it.  Another mall.

This one was pretty cool – as were the others …..

First of all, this one had a Kit Kat store where you could custom build your own chocolate bars.  The type of chocolate, the fillings and what you want the packaging to say!  Of course, Rory and Rohan were all over this!

Second, it had three climbing walls, inside of an outdoorsy shop.  Rohan tried all three walls.  The first one was timed and you were supposed to get to the top and ring the bell as fast as you could.  The fellow before Rohan was sooooo fast – he also weight about 30 lbs soaking wet – and basically scaled the wall like spider man.   Super fun.

Even more fun was the arcade.  This is the first and only one we’ve found in all of the places we’ve been to in KL.  We played basketball, Rory and Rohan drove against each other in super cars and also in hummers.  There was an air-hockey type game that released about 25 pucks all at once – that was sooo fun.  And then we saw this weird-mind-blowing-fast game that a bunch of adults were playing.  And playing so hard they were sweating and when you watch the video, you’ll understand why – although this guy isn’t as fast as a few we saw.  They also wear gloves so their hands slide faster.   Crazy!

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 1.57.13 AMIMG_3002









Crazy dudes at the arcade video


And finally we discovered onigiri.   I was hungry – needed a snack.  We went into a convenience type store to get drinks for Rory and Rohan and I saw these.  Magical.  Like the heavens had opened and were calling for me.  Palm sized triangle rice packages with either salmon, tuna, chicken, whatever in the middle.  And the packaging is brilliant – because you don’t want the rice to make the seaweed mushy – so there’s a layer in between the rice and the seaweed – hence the special opening instructions.

As with every major shopping mall, the entire lower floor is usually a food court, restaurant area, along with a grocery store.  This one had a bakery.



More photo’s here – including Rohan giving MaiMai a try.

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