Menara Tower, KL

The Menara Tower is in the heart of KL.  Thankfully it’s guide and reference point for us as we wander the city.  We know we’re close to home when we get close to the tower.

Comparing the KL Tower to Calgary tower –  Calgary’s tower stands at 157.5 meters high and the KL tower stands at 276 meters high.  For someone who’s not great with heights (me) it’s really really high!!

There’s a number of activities at the KL towers and we decided to do the whole thing, which included: a 4D movie theatre, a small aquarium, a petting zoo, Formula 1 simulator, the upside down house, and finally, going up the tower to the Sky Deck – an open air deck that has the glass bottom viewing deck and the indoor viewing area.

The best parts were the petting zoo, the upside down house and the sky box / outdoor viewing deck.  Here’s a smattering of our favorite moments of the day:

The next fun part was the Upside Down House.  It was especially fun when we figured out how to take super fun pictures!

And finally the outdoor observation deck and the two sky boxes.  The view was spectacular from the tower.  Way better than at the Petronas Towers – quite a bit higher up and you can walk around the entire tower and see the city from almost every angle.  There’s two sky boxes – one that has a direct view of the Petronas Towers, and the other is on the opposite side, which was perfect for watching the sunset.  Freaking crazy scary, but so awesome at the same time.  You have to take your shoes off, which is great – so the glass is very clean and clear.   Eeeeekkkk!   We went up later in the day, so we could see the city during day light hours and then also wait for sunset and to see the city at night.  Totally worth it.

And this has got to be one of my most favorite pictures ever.   Damn we love this kid.  🙂











Of course there’s a TON more pictures.  You can see them here.






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