Lily, Velvet and Chloe (the triplets)

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It all started with me and my dad going for a walk down the road.  Then as I walked by a tree I saw these 2 little fuzzy things and I went closer and looked.   It was two baby kittens. They were so small they could fit in my hand. We stood there and looked and pet them for a while. We walked on down the road.

We also saw a dog but no ordinary dog. It was a dog with one of his eyes blue and one of his eyes brown so I gave him a dog treat (I bought a bag of dog treats for all of the stray dogs).

There was nothing really down the road except for houses. On our way back we said that we would put the kittens inside the gate (they were outside the gate, unprotected). We put them inside the gate with some older cats and left them there for 5-10 minutes. We came back down with my mom and we both loved them and didn’t want to leave them by themselves.  A car passed and a lady got out and looked at the kittens. She said that they wouldn’t survive the night and she said it would be great if we could take them until we find homes for them.   She went to the store and bought little feeding bottles and we have had them ever since.  The bad part is we have to feed them every 3 hours. They are playing and wrestling and sleeping a lot.



Lily was adopted by a couple who live in the condo where we are.  They had a cat that passed away recently, and were ready for another.   Velvet and Chloe were taken in by Janine – the foster / cat rescue / mom – who has promised to find them both homes.   Varna was the lady that stopped on the side of the road and was an incredible help, with getting supplies for us, cat-sitting when were out for the day in El Valle and just checking in on us.  She helped get Lily adopted and knew Janine, as Varna had also rescued a cat.   We had them for just over a week and when we first got them, they were so tiny and so frail and we weren’t sure a couple of them were going to make it.  With lots of love, cuddles and food, they were all in great shape and knowing that Lily was in good hands and that Velvet and Chloe were safe with Janine – made it much easier for us to stay goodbye.  Our sweet little triplets.

Time for a bigger box – Velvet’s getting more adventurous!

Three kittens playing – first few days with us

Video of Rohan feeding Lily by bottle

Video of Rohan and Velvet


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