La Herradura, Spain

Sunday’s are pretty quiet in Spain.  Siesta’s are quiet – but Sunday’s are even more so.

So … out for a drive went.  No idea where we were going or what we would see.

We happened upon a beach.  A quiet beach with a workout station.  God love the free, simple, workout stations that Rohan and I love.  They’re brilliant really – it’s pretty hard to walk by without trying something out – even if it’s just one sit up, one front press, one leg press, one arm spin …..

We parked.  And walked. On this amazing, quiet beach.  It’s a sleepy town really – but oh so amazing.  The water, oh so clear.  No traffic noise; actually no noise at all.  Just the soft sound of a few kids playing, a few birds singing and a few people, walking, talking. So peaceful.

We walked the beach.  We worked out.  We climbed some rocks and put our feet in the ocean.  And then, we got hungry.

God love the oceanfront restaurants.  Where we can just walk up and get a table right on the beach, with an amazing view. A table over from us had a family having lunc together.  There were twins at the table – two sweet little boys that couldn’t have been even 2.  They had great fun with Rohan, throwing rocks, sitting by the restaurant, walking on the beach.  Not even 2 feet from our tables.  How perfect.

This is a good life.

We will be back to this beach.  Love it.



These workout stations are awesome. We’ve found then in many places in Spain so far, and we actually saw some in England as well. We give each one a go – get our exercise in where we can!


Tapas, Spanish wine and cervesa’s at El Rebalaje in La Herradura


View of the beach


Sunset fishing – just a man and his dog






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