Kirkcudbright, Scotland and Aunt Oriel, Carl, Sue and Niamh

Well, if I had seen this in writing before I had heard it pronounced, Kir-Coo-Bree would have never come out of my mouth.  Seriously.  I have a hard enough time figuring out regular English words, never mind the Scottish countryside names we’ve come across.  Pronunciation aside, this is probably one of the most beautiful places we’ve been in Scotland.  The drive from Edinburgh was just over 2 hours.  Once we left the city and got through the road construction and off on to the single lane roads, wow, the beauty really came to life in the rolling hills, the roads where the trees touched overtop the road – growing up on either side.

We were on our way to visit Aunt Oriel – Rory’s dads’ sister.  I had never met her, nor had Rohan, and Rory hadn’t seen her since he was about 14.  While in Southport, Carl mentioned that and his family were going to go out to see her and we decided to join the visit.

I’m so pleased we went to visit her.

Aunt Oriel reminds me so much of Dad. Listening to hear speak, watching her – her mannerisms, her features, the art in her house (much of it hers), the feeling in her home – so many things reminded me of Dad.

Putting that aside for a few moments … I also fell in love with her home.  Where it was – the location – gorgeous. Rolling green green hills, out in the countryside.  When we drove up her road, she was walking with Naimh, on their way to feed the chickens.   The cows were moo-ing.   And there was stillness.  Peace-fullness.   Quiet.  Gorgeous.  Delicious.  Quiet.   The kind that makes you want to sit outside and savor every second, every moment and to not let go.

Carl had lunch already brewing when we got there – the smell in the house was amazing.  After a quick – wee visit with Aunty, and of course a cuppa, we headed to Cocoa Bean to let the two kids run around and make some chocolate.  What a cool place!  from the indoor play area, to the chocolate making session, to the outdoor play area, this place was awesome.

After we wore them out and they were soaking wet from the outdoor slide, we headed back to Oriel’s house for dinner.  Delish. Carl had made a lovely dinner for us and we tucked in.

Visiting time was too short.  Carl, Sue and Naimh had to leave – a many hour drive ahead.   We stayed to visit with Aunt Oriel for another hour or so.  So glad we did.  She is really really lovely.   Stories, old pictures, wee gifts, shortbread for Rohan, visiting – the day could not have been any better.

Kirkcudbright and Aunt Oriel – we’ll be back.  Thank you for an amazing visit.



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