Kidzania, KL

This place is A-mazing.

From the walking in the front door to the 7+ hours later when you leave, the entire place is designed to encourage learning for kids, through role play activities.  There’s over 90 professions that kids can try out within a real economy.  They earn Kidzo’s with every profession they complete, and they have to pay out money for either thing they want to buy, do or for important things like car insurance and getting your drivers license.   And, while parents are allowed into the facility, we’re not allowed into any of the activities – we can wait outside and watch threw the windows.  They get to do it all on their own.  So awesome.

The day we were there, there were over 1500 people in the facility.  While it was busy and there were lineups for some of the professions, it’s also a huge place with so much to see and do.  Here’s a few of the pics from that day.  7 hours wasn’t even enough.  There were things Rohan didn’t get to do because there wasn’t enough time.  Crazy.

Here’s a few of the other professions.

All in all an awesome day.   Now we need to figure out a way to bring this to Canada…. 🙂

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