Jalan Petaling, KL (Chinatown Market)

We’ve been to this market at least a half-dozen times since we’ve arrived in KL.   Every time, we’re on a mission to find something – or eat something 🙂

Around 6pm, the market builds in size, as more stalls are assembled and more stuff gets put out.  The lights come on and the number of people increases, or maybe it’s just the lack of walking space that makes it feel like more people.

Of course the art of bartering is mandatory here.  Rohan’s had quite a few lessons from the master (Rory) and has done well on purchasing quite a few items.

There’s no end to what you can buy.  But we also like to come for the food – of course 🙂


Roasted chestnuts


Like pancakes but thinner, with corn, peanuts and coconut inside. OMG, delish.











And just so there’s no confusion that you’re NOT buying the real thing….

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