Isetan, The Japan Store


This is a paper bowl. Yes. Paper.


Teeny tiny settings made out of paper.












Yes.  I am actually writing a whole post about a store. An amazing department store. I’ve never been so impressed with a store – ever.

It apparently just opened in October, so it’s brand brand new and not all Isetan stores are like this one.   It’s like walking through a museum, but a super cool one.  Everything is so precisely displayed. Perfectly presented. But the things are also really interesting and unique and cool!

One of our favorite places was an area with paper and wood, photography, and even a 3 D printer – which was actually printing some small buildings. The tiny tiny miniature scenes were amazing – so incredibly detailed and perfect.  The paper bowls were gorgeous and so delicate and ornate. Rohan learned a new math game using small paper cups with numbers on the bottom.  There was the box that you put on your head and the front screen magnifies your face.  We loved that!

The other favorite place of ours is the food hall in the basement.  Stunning.  Gorgeous. And delicious.  Again everything is so perfectly displayed and presented.  Even as we ate sushi and watched the chef prepare other meals, not only the quality of the food and the preparation was incredible, but the presentation and care taking into it.



Fresh sushi. Yumm.


Bakery section where you use a tray and tongs to select the items you want. Check out the guy in the background – hee hee


Traditional Japanese dessert. Sweet rice wrapped in sweet potato.









Rohan and I also went through an exhibit on the top floor – Image and Matter by Yoichi Ochiai (Cyber Arts and Science towards Digital Nature).  Pretty interesting, some hands on exhibit which were fun.  We liked the pixie dust station the best – the tiny styrofoam particles were levitated by the ulstrasonic strings.


We LOOOOVE this Isetan store 🙂

The entire photo album can be viewed here.



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