I heart Spanish doors



I have no idea why I love these doors so much.  Actually – I think Jessie – you may have started this with a photo of a door that you took at some point? I’m really not sure where or why this became a thing for me.    But what I do know is that as we walk and explore Spanish towns and villages, I stop, often, to admire and photograph doors.

They’re gorgeous.  The colors and styles. There really are no plain doors here.  I feel like each tells a story of the people who have called that place their home.  If only those doors could speak.

These doors are in the least expected places – down tiny little streets, in hidden alleys, or around corners where you think they’ll be nothing much to see.  Some are freshly painted and bold in color – others are old, worn, weather and use damaged and just as beautiful.

In the meantime, I’ll keep photographing doors, capturing the colors and styles, the odd handles and door knockers, the unique trimmings, the door dings, the scratches, the uniqueness of each and every gorgeous door.

Thank you lovely Spanish people for your amazing doors.  I heart them. For the full gallery of all the doors I’ve captured … visit here.







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