Hythe, England

We’ve done quite a bit of toodling around Hythe and Folkestone.  We can walk into Hythe from where we are staying (Rory’s sisters’ house) although we bike most of the time.

Since we’ve been here, we’ve been fortunate enough to have a small carnival come through Hythe, complete with rides and games, as well as a harvest fair on High Street and the ocean is only a 10 minute bike ride away.  There’s also a great play ground that we love to visit with an awesome zipline.

A few pictures below of our noodling in Hythe.  Lots more photo’s of Hythe can be found here..


Hythe Harvest Saturday – pipe band playing on the street side


Start of the spin-y ride. The ride attendant got onto our car and spun and spun and spun us so fast – I don’t think I’ve ever been so dizzy in my life!


This building is full of individual antique stores – all selling their own wares – everything you can think of.


Yes, this pub is called “The Butt of Sherry”


High Street Town Hall, Hythe


Hythe Harvest Saturday – apple pressing (you bring your own apples to press into juice)


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