Our day in El Valle

By Rohan Edgar

Our trip to El Valle (pronounced el Bai) started with a one and a half-hour long drive on a bus with a bunch of strangers. The bus was cramped for maybe twenty minutes and we had to stand In the aisles, my dad had to bend down or else his head would hit the roof. That part wasn’t very fun but when we got to el Valle, there were many stray dogs and cats waiting for me. First we went to the market where there were many things but my favorite thing was the double-sided knife and the metal carver guy, he had a hand-drill and a few other tools and he could carve almost any design into a sheet of metal or even a coin. I thought it was pretty cool. The town el Valle is located in the flat wide caldera of the 6km wide el Valle volcano that has been inactive for about 300,000 years. Because of its elevation it’s cooler than the lowlands. The area around the town is also known for being one of the last habitats of the critically endangered Panamanian golden frogs. Some of the areas around town are protected areas. Popular activities in the area are cycling, hiking, horseback riding, and bird watching. el Valle is home to around 500 species of birds.

Next we went to the zoo. It was a short walk and when I got there chickens where everywhere; I mean everywhere! Even in the cash register area there was chickens. It was very cheap to get in; it was $12 dollars for all of us. The first thing we saw was a small cage with 12 bunnies. I was really sad because they where all cramped. We walked on and next we saw a tortoise in an even smaller cage, which was really sad too. We kept walking and then we saw some bigger cages. That got me exited and it was worth it in one cage there were two alligators that were pretty small and across from that there was TURTLES! They were awesome. They were climbing all over each other. There were maybe 10 of them and it was really cool.

Then the birds started. There was these really weird peacock-looking bird, with a bunch of curly feathers on the top of his head and then there was a bunch of hawks. Nothing that interesting about those then next were the parrots. They where in huge cages and there was maybe 5 of them in each of the three cages. We walked on and here we see the toucans- that was one of the things I have wanted to see in real life for years. As we walked on we saw this little rodent type thing, it looked like a giant chinchilla. It was really weird looking. We kept walking and we found a mini waterfall and a mini pool there was nothing in it so I have no idea why it was there. The cashier said there were amphibians behind the waterfall and there was a big building so we entered it. There was a bunch of tanks and there was a bunch of frogs. All I remember is the golden frogs and the red eyed tree frog not being there. After the frogs we walked over to a cage with what seemed to be white peacocks and next to them were monkeys. Right when we walked up they started to go crazy, swinging from their tails. It was pretty funny. Next was the leopard that wanted to eat me. I would run up and down the cage and he would chase me it was really funny. Then my mom calls my name and I go over to her and she was pointing at a 8-foot ostrich! That is it – but all of us wish that they could all live in the wild because it was really sad seeing animals in such small cages so I wish they could be free.

  • by Rohan Edgar


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