El Pavon Waterfall, Costa Rica

The gang (Rory, Rohan, Chad and Sophie) first found this waterfall without me.  Yeah for them! We were told by the local tourist office in Ojochal that this was a locals only, not advertised waterfall that was used in many of the tourism pictures for Costa Rica.  We were pretty excited to learn about it and also to actually find it.

Since the first trip there, we’ve been back a couple of times.  This place is gorgeous and magical. How something so amazing could be tucked down a rough, dirt road, in the middle of what feels like no where, and yet only about 10 minutes from our house.

The water is cool – cooler than the ocean water and oh so refreshing.  The waterfall crashes down and creates quite a current as it plunges into the pool.  Fish swim around our feet and in the nooks and crannies of the rocks.  They’re harmless  – probably just curious as we are about them.  Rohan and I wear our snorkel masks almost everywhere – it’s fun (and reassuring) to be able to see beneath the water and see what’s there (and not there).   The water isn’t deep – maybe chest deep where the waterfall crashes down and Rohan and I like to dive down below the crashing water to see if we can swim further beneath the waterfall.

It’s so amazing. We will be back to this waterfall as many times as we can before we leave this gorgeous country.

Rohan at El Pavon

Rohan on the pathway to the falls

Rohan and Chad enjoying the water

Second waterfall in the same area as El Pavon

Capuchin monkey sightings on the way to the falls


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