Competa, Spain

Our very very first trip to Spain, over 15 years ago – we stayed with friends of Rory’s mum and dad.  Monika and Michael Linck.  I think that trip we flew into Malaga and were in Torremolinos waiting until they came – no idea what to expect. They picked us up and drove us almost an hour up into the mountains to a little town – Competa.  Their house was a few minutes outside of town.  We spent a glorious week with them that we’ll never forget.  Their house and the little tiny casita we stayed in, with the covered terrace in between, had the most spectacular view of the ocean and the coast of Africa (Morocco and Tangier).


And that little town of Competa – well, we fell in love with it from the very first day.  That’s probably when we first fell in love with Spain, period.

This was our first time back and I loved it as much as I loved it the first time.   We had a coffee and snack in the town square, heard the bells chime, walked some shops, bought a bottle of Muscatel (sweet wine) and wandered the stairs and alleyways.




These bells ring on the hour, half hour and quarter hour – so lovely.




The only cafe in the town square – perfect spot to see what’s going on 🙂










We happened upon a lady feeding cats out of tins on her front stairs.  Of course we stopped. Asked them if they liked the area and if they had been there long.  Turns out they lived there – it was their holiday home and had purchased it about 3 years ago.  They took us on tour and showed us the inside of this tiny little home.  In the front door, the sitting room would have held maybe 6 adults – cozy but doable. Up a few tiny little stone stairs and there was a hallway / kitchen.  For sure only one person at a time in there.  Up some more windy stone steps – very steep and all different heights and there was a bedroom and bathroom.  Up some more stairs and we were out on their rooftop deck and that view was spectacular.  I’d probably never leave the roof.    We were so thankful to have seen the inside – I often wonder what some of these places look like done up so simply, but nicely.


The view from their rooftop patio











Competa, we love you and you will always hold a place in our hearts – where we first fell in love with Spain.  xoxo

Of course, more pictures can be found here.

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