Casco Viejo, Panama City

In 1671, Panama City was set on fire purposely – to fend off the attach of the pirate, Henry Morgan.  The City was rebuilt on a peninsula, surrounded by sea and defense walls.  This new city is now known as Casco Viejo, or “Old Town.”  The roads are very narrow and since our visit, have actually been closed to traffic – and are now just for pedestrians.  It’s very quaint – some of the buildings are brightly painted with hanging flower boxes and right next to it could be ruins of a building that once was. It’s great to see many of these older buildings being restored and / or used as pop up shops.  There’s lots of souvenir shops, coffee shops and cafe’s and restaurants.

And of course, no hot day would be complete without finding ice cream …


Custom designed – pick the flavor of ice cream (already frozen on the stick), then pick what it’s dipped in (Rohan chose milk chocolate) and then what it’s rolled in (Rohan chose oreo). Delish – he was kind enough to let me have one bite.



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