Cascada Verde, Uvita

We were looking for something new to find or do and I happened to read about another waterfall, this one in Uvita – which is about 10 minutes from us in Ojochal.  We’re in Uvita at least 3-4 times per week.  There were no directions anywhere – we really had no idea where to find this place, but off we went.

Turns out, it wasn’t very hard.  Uvita is pretty small – there’s only so many roads and no where really that we could get lost.   This waterfall is on private property.  It’s part of the Hostel Cascada Verde – a hostel, plus restaurant plus amazing waterfall.   Each person pays 1,000 colones to access the waterfall.

This was the busiest waterfall of all that we’ve been to so far. There were two locals there when we first arrived and they were both cliff diving off the top on the left hand side – just in front of where Rohan and I are standing in the top picture.  There was also another higher place around the left hand side – more in the jungle – where quite a few guys were jumping off from.

The waterfall itself has a natural water slide – which we didn’t do – but watched many people come down.  It’s pretty high – I think I would try it, but not sure that I want Rohan to.  While we were watching, a fellow went down with his Go-Pro, wrapped around his wrist, and when he plunged, the current was so strong that it took his Go-Pro.  We went and got our snorkel masks and tried to help him find it, but no luck.  The visibility underneath was ok, but the current was just so strong that it was tough to stay down long enough.

The water was amazing. Cool and delightful – almost an emerald green-ness to the colour.  Yet another waterfall that we will be back to….

Rohan and I at the top of the waterfall

Crossing the stream to get to the waterfall


Steps going down to the waterfall – these were the ones that were in good condition … carefulness required the whole way down


Rohan’s dying to get to the bottom!

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