Ayo – our fav paella place on the beach in Nerja, Spain


The restaurant from the non-beach side.


Beachside – Ayo is at the far end of this beach.

This restaurant gets a post all to itself.  While it’s not the absolutely very best paella we’ve ever had – it is damn damn good.  It’s got this amazing chicken in it .. like amazing chicken…

But it wasn’t just the paella that made it – it was the total experience.





Picture this, the ocean is maybe 50 feet away.  The breeze is blowing softly, the sun is shining. There’s people, but not too many – just enough. You can hear kids laughing as they play in the sand at the beach and a few at the playground nearby.


I have no idea how many pans they cook each day – but omg, thank goodness they do!

The restaurant isn’t fancy. It’s open air –  probably about 40 tables total.  Dirt / sand floor.  Birds fly in and out of the restaurant eating bits of rice up off the floor.

When you walk in – you can smell the paella and when you see it, well, my heart skipped a beat or two.  It’s hot and fresh.  You dive in, taking in that first mouthful.  The flavors explode in your mouth. It’s. Just. So. Good. You get your fingers in to pull out the seafood, pull the tails and shells off, keeping the chicken for last, savoring.

All your can eat paella (yes, all you can eat!) is about 8 euro’s, plus a glass of wine, with a good big pour – sitting by the beach … life doesn’t get much better than this!  img_0983


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