1 Utama Shopping Centre, KL

1 Utama is apparently one of the top three largest malls in Malaysia.  I would tend to agree – it went on forever!

Aside from the size, there were a few awesome things about this mall.  The first and foremost being the most gorgeous Chinese New Year decorations.  Seriously – so gorgeous.

And, in the middle of these decorations was a ping pong table.   Yes.  A ping pong table.  I’m pretty sure we spent well over an hour there while Rohan played with Rory, another boy from Australia, and then we came back at the end of the evening and Rohan played some more.

Rohan and I also did the Harry Potter, Break the Code Real Room Escape here.  It was an utter failure – we went well over the time limit, had to get help three times, our wand broke.  And, we realized that we don’t love riddles, or chess.   But we had fun and we really used our brains!

And finally, Rohan had a delish waffle, dipped into a milk chocolate fountain, with a dollop of ice cream.





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